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Help Infuse your District's Art Classrooms with Creative Connections to Works of Art  

Art Class Curator's teacher programs will help your teachers...

  • Learn how to lead exciting discussions and interactive activities with works of art.
  • Teach art history and art appreciation in an anti-lecture way that gets students excited about what they are learning.
  • Uncover new ways of interpreting art that lead to a student's lifelong love of art.
  • Create rigor and higher level thinking in their art classrooms. 
  • Save time with thoughtfully-curated, ready-to-use resources. 
  • Receive support and encouragement from a community of art teachers and mentors.
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The Curated Connections Library

Minds-On Art Learning The lessons in The Curated Connections Library are anti-lecture and designed for students to formulate the knowledge for themselves rather than regurgitate lists of facts. Activities include categorization, creative writing, kinesthetic activities, discussion prompts, group work, storytelling, and more.  

Teacher Resource Vault The Curated Connectios Library is a comprehensive collection of lessons, PowerPoints, worksheets, assessments, and other materials for creatively teaching art history and art appreciation. Topics include: aesthetics, art criticism, art museums, elements and principles of art, cultural art, and art history.  

The Curated Connections Library includes a monthly Artwork of the Week bundle which includes everything needed to lead a weekly art discussion including a PowerPoint and a lesson plan with discussion questions, activity suggestions, project extensions, and resources.  

For a current catalog of materials, please visit Materials are all digital, editable, and downloadable for teacher use.  

On-Demand Online Trainings The Curated Connections Library includes over 15 hours of online training dedicated to showing teachers how to engage their students with works of art. Topics include: How to Talk About Art with Kids, Compare and Contrast, Critical Lenses, How to Teach Art History, How to Teach Aesthetics, Inventive Activities to Interpret Art, and more.  

Online Community and Mentoring Teacher members get regular support from Art Class Curator and its community of art teachers through a private Facebook group as well as regular Q&A sessions and online trainings.  

"I just wanted to thank you for the invaluable resource you have through Art Class Curator. Not only do you have thought provoking activities and discussion prompts, but it saves me so much time in preparing things for myself! In fact, I'm using the Aesthetics PPT tomorrow with one of my middle school classes and I can't wait for some of the answers they come up with. And really, I feel like I've only scratched the surface with your site as there's still so much more there for me to look through. Thank you so much for your service. I'm so glad to have found you and your site! I think you've done such an amazing job with it."

Maryjane F.

"I absolutely love this resource. It ties into campus literacy initiatives while remaining authentically meaningful."

Jess D.

"Interestingly, my lower performing classes really get engaged in these [lessons] and come away with some profound thoughts!"

Melissa G.

A Sneak Peek Inside

Give your teachers the information and resources they need to incorporate meaningful works of art into their classrooms. 

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"I have enjoyed being a part of your group. It's so much more than i would have thought when I signed up. I've been a part of a couple other teaching sites that faded after a good start, but I'm so excited with YOUR enthusiasm and your breadth of knowledge. AND that you gear a lot of your lessons to middle school. I feel like I'm able to do more and stay more well-rounded in my presentations than I have been in the past."

Chris S.

"The materials are high quality, and students LOVED this lesson [Classical Sculpture lesson] -- I was amazed at what they were able to do together. I highly recommend you find an excuse to purchase this and use it with your students -- I can't wait to use it again next year! Thank you for your thoughtfulness in putting this together -- I didn't need to edit anything!" (from Teachers Pay Teachers)

Trivium Charter School Teacher 

Cindy Ingram has the awkward habit of crying in front of artworks, and she wants the rest of the world to do it too. This noble quest has culminated in the creation of Art Class Curator, where she shares how to creatively teach art appreciation and art history in a way that will spark a lifelong love of art.  

Cindy Ingram has more than fifteen years of experience in schools, museums, and non-profit organizations. She has an MA in Art Education and a BA in Art History. She had the honor of being a Marcus Fellow, a fellowship dedicated to arts leadership from the North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts. She has given presentations at numerous educator conferences and universities, and her work has been published in the journal Art Education. In addition to working in museums and teacher professional development, Cindy has had the privilege of teaching art in the classroom to all grades--elementary to college.  

To date, she has not yet made any of her students cry (knowingly), but there is still time.  


All Memberships to The Curated Connections Library includes...

  • The Art Appreciation Master Class—A 13-week online course exclusively for members
  • Vault of Teacher Resources focused on Art Criticism, Interpretation, Aesthetics, Elements and Principles, and Art Museums (Art History is included in the Comprehensive Membership)
  • Nearly 25 hours of professional development webinars and videos so that teachers can feel confident in teaching from works of art and in your art history knowledge.
  • A specially-curated Artwork of the Week Bundle delivered monthly with everything teachers need to incorporate a new artwork in their classrooms every week. 
  • Regular Q&A Office Hours and a private Facebook community of dedicated art educators so teachers can collaborate, ask questions, and get support.

Comprehensive Membership

$499 per year per teacher

  • Recommended for Middle School and High School Teachers 
  • All of the above: The Art Appreciation Master Class, The Artwork of the Week Bundle, the Online Trainings and Videos, the private Facebook group, and the Art Criticism and Aesthetics Lessons.
  • The comprehensive membership comes with the vault of art history lessons and teacher materials. The art history lessons in the resource library are most appropriate for middle and high school teachers.
  • Bonus! Receive the Ancient Art Around the World Online Course free with each full membership, normally priced at $149.

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Basic Membership 

$349 per year per teacher

  • Recommended for All Levels
  • The Art Appreciation Master Class, Art Appreciation Worksheet Bundle, and The Artwork of the Week Bundle.
  • This membership tier is exclusively available for school districts who want their elementary and classroom teachers to gain the skills to engage their students in more art looking exercises, but don’t need the full vault of more advanced art history resources!

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Professional Development

The Art Appreciation Master Class 8-Hour Workshop 

Need a jump-start? Schedule a live, intensive workshop for your teachers to study creative ways to engage their students with works of art–from discussion to writing to creative learning activities. In addition to practicing, modeling, and discussing the techniques, teachers will also have a chance to work with their colleagues to come up with your own learning activities using the strategies from the workshop.

COST: $3500*  

* This is a flat fee that includes travel expenses in the contiguous United States. For an international or DFW local quote, please contact us.  

Combine your workshop with memberships to The Curated Connections Libraryand save $250 off your workshop price for every 10 memberships purchased.